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Waste Bags and Sacks

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Waste bags and sacks reduced with very strong recycled film, waste sacks are ideal for clearing office, garden and building rubble. Clear waste sacks are ideal for office usage as their transparency helps ensure only the correct type of items are discarded or stored in the sack. Black sacks offer the perfect balance between bag strength and a budget price. To dispose of building materials left over in your garden your best bet might be ultra thick rubble sacks that are able to hold up to 40kg.

Rubble Sacks

Rubble sacks are extra strong, thick, heavy duty bags. Rubble bags are generally for heavy masonry and brick removal and disposal. Rubble sacks are perfect for gardeners and builders taking their rubbish to the local tip, as they are resistant to tears and punctures and with careful use can be reused again and again saving you money on cheaper black bag alternatives.

Asbestos Bags

Asbestos is a small fibrous material, widely used as an insulator in buildings and domestic goods. It has also been much used in building materials such as gutters, down spouts and roofing sheets. It can be harmful if breathed in, although its effects may not be seen for years and therefore its disposal is controlled and you will probably need a permit. The asbestos will need to be placed in special red asbestos bags, which you should purchase when you apply for the permit.

Clinical Waste Bags

Clinical waste bags are yellow and are printed with hazardous warning signs and are used to dispose of clinical waste including blood bags and blood preserves. These wastes are categorised as hazardous under the EU Transportation of Hazardous Goods regulations and are required to be transported in bags or containers which comply with the UN packaging requirements and then incinerated.

Bin liners and rubbish bags

This page is primarily about different types of waste sacks and rubbish bags but if you're looking specifically for bin liners please see our bin liners section.

Online suppliers of waste bags

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Waste Sacks
Waste Sacks is a website dedicated to provided selected information about waste bags and rubbish sacks to help you deciding on what you need to buy for the different types of waste.

Research & Resources

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

Although sometimes considered bad for the environment polythene is actually a very efficient form of packaging which has a low carbon footprint and the advantage of using low amounts of energy when recycling. A number of totally green alternatives exist for Polythene waste sacks and bin liners though, namely the use of potato starch to manufacture these bin bags. The following sites all specialise in providing environmentally-friendly packaging:

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Biodegradable rubbish sacks and bin bags

For more environmentally friendly waste sacks and rubbish bags please do take a look at our biodegradable bags section. This gives an excellent range of websites that focus on green eco-friendly packaging for domestic and business purposes as well as discussing the different types of biodegradable bags, degradable bags and recycled bags that are now available.